Choose India for joint replacementIndia is a booming healthcare destination where patients around the globe come for all types of sophisticated treatments and surgeries. Every year cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mohali, Mangalore, and Gurgaon etc., receive large number of domestic and international patients. A study reveals, India witnesses the influx of about 1.27 million medical tourists from the U.S., UK, Canada, UAE, Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other SAARC nations and maximum patients come for bone and joint replacements surgeries. The prime reason patients around the world choose India for joint replacement surgeries is the blend of quality and low cost, where cost is often less than one sixth of what overseas patients pay in their own country.

Let’s know the major factors that make India a top destination for all types of joint replacement surgeries, such as total/partial hip replacement, total/partial knee replacement, and shoulder replacement surgeries.

Highly qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons in India are well abreast with latest techniques and modern equipment and are skilled to perform all types of knee, hip, spine and shoulder replacement surgeries. Most of the joint replacement surgeons in India have obtained specialization and certification from abroad while many have won awards and accolades for their surgical services. Several surgeons here have over a decade’s experience and on record operated successfully thousands of patients.

Dr. Ashok RajGopal, Dr. Rajesh M Maniar, Dr. Arun L Naik, Dr. Biren Nadkarni, Dr. Ajay Deep Singh, Dr. Mohan Desai, Dr. PVA Mohandas, Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, Dr. H P Bhalodiya, to name some, are well-known names in India and abroad for their skills and success rate in various kinds of joint replacement operations.

World class infrastructure

Medanta Hospital - OTRecently the country has seen the significant upgradation in its orthopedic healthcare infrastructure with the coming of many modern state-of-the-art hospitals well-equipped to cater to the needs of patients of bone and joint replacement surgeries. Kokilaben Dhiruben Ambani Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Medanta, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Fortis Healthcare, and Max Healthcare etc., have world-class infrastructure.

Hospitals with accreditation and recognition

Many bone replacement surgery hospitals in India have earned and are continuously working towards obtaining various accreditation and recognition to be at par with the world class hospitals and maintain high standards of replacement procedures. MIOT Hospital, Ivy Hospital, Seven Hills, VeeCare Hospital, K R Puram Super Speciality Hospital, and Manipal Hospital have gained accreditation and recognition from government and other reputed bodies.

Personalized patient care services

Choose India for joint replacement surgeries - patient careAlmost all the good Indian hospitals have pre- and post-operative care for bone and joint replacement patients, which is critical to the success of any kind of replacement surgery. They have interdisciplinary team of doctors and advanced rehabilitation centers which provide personalized attention to each patient.

Affordable cost than any other country

India fosters high quality treatment at low cost for procedures such as hip, shoulder, and knee replacement etc. The cost comes to even less than one sixth after including the travel and accommodation expenses, of what you would pay in the U.S. or any other developed country. This is the main reason for patients to choose India for joint replacement surgeries.

An Indian vacation with elective orthopedic surgery

The trend of ‘health tourist’ is catching up with overseas patients and their attendants, who find India as a good option to combine their vacation with elective orthopedic surgery like knee replacement. Many private hospitals in the country offer health tour packages constituting both joint replacement surgery and the sightseeing trips.

An English speaking country

For foreign patients, visit to India is convenient as majority of the population here understands and speaks English. All the doctors and hospital staff are also well versed with English language.

No waiting time for replacement surgery

Unlike the UK and other European countries, in India patients do not have to make a long wait for doctor’s appointment or replacement surgery. Long waiting time for up to a year is a major deterrent for patients of these countries, which force them to visit India for timely treatment.

How to decide which is best orthopedic hospital for me in India?

Choosing the right hospital and the orthopedic surgeon for the replacement surgery is a crucial decision. You have to look into so many aspects of the treatment such as quality, cost, post-surgery rehab, easy regular doctor visits after the surgery, and physiotherapy sessions which would continue for about three months.

Joint replacement is an expensive procedure and most of us are not in a position to take that financial challenge, especially if there is no insurance cover. Thus, our suggestion would be that, you should spend good amount of time with recommended and reliable orthopedic surgeons and then take a call. As some surgeons have special expertise in handling particular kind of replacement procedure such as minimally invasive surgeries or joint resurfacing. Some may have more experience in performing knee replacement while some are experts in hip or shoulder joint surgery. If you are having other complications such diabetes, tumor, or obesity etc., you may need a specific surgeon who can better handle your case.

Here we might be able to offer you guidance on specific situations like that if you discuss your case with us. Cost, again is a big factor and some hospitals may keep costs deliberately confusing, you may discuss and get more clarity on that too.

Free Guidance for Patients

OrthoGurus is an initiative by Global Medi Advisors (GMA). We provide ‘Free Guidance’ to patients looking for treatment in India. Should you need any help, do let us know. We can assign an expert Patient Advisor to guide & recommend you the best available treatment options given your case and treatment preferences. Best wishes!