knee replacement costIndia is among a few affordable destinations in the world for knee replacement surgery. Recently, it has witnessed a surge in the international patients coming here for the procedure. Compared to the U.S., UK, or Singapore, the country offers economical treatment for the joints ailments and replacement surgeries. In the U.S. where you would pay between US$45,000-80,000 (without insurance) for the same procedure in India it would cost you only US$7,000-11,000.

The reason for the significant increase in number of patients coming to the country for knee replacement is not just being the cost factor but also the availability of the experienced and highly qualified doctors along with advanced techniques.

Knee replacement is deemed to be one of the expensive surgeries. It includes not only the procedure cost but also pre- and post-operation expenses. You will find variations in the cost of the process for each location and hospital even within the same geographical location.

Below are the variable components in the cost of knee replacement surgery:

  • Patient’s age and medical history
  • Type of replacement (total knee replacement, partial or bilateral)
  • Type of implant used (Indian or imported)
  • Type of surgical procedure
  • Unanticipated complication, treatment or equipment required
  • Surgeon and other doctors’ fee (anesthetist, assistants etc.)
  • Cost of living of the geographical location
  • Type of hospital/room facility

The other expenses that would be included in your operational treatment are:

  • Medications
  • X-rays and medical tests
  • Physiotherapist’s fees
  • Medical supplies before and after the surgery
  • Hospital stay
  • Post-surgery after discharge expenses comprise – medications, physiotherapist’s fee (for one to two months), walking aids (walker, crutches etc.) and periodical doctor visits

knee replacement surgery cost in IndiaGenerally hospitals compile their total cost for the procedure in a package. The package comprises all the above charges including your hospital stay, doctor’s fees, medicines, tests, physiotherapy cost during hospital stay etc. The final actual cost may vary with patient to patient depending upon his medical conditions.

In addition to this, post your hospital discharge you would have to also spend on medicines, physiotherapist fee (INR 500-800/visit) and consultation fee (INR 500-800/visit) of regular doctor visits. These expenses are separate from the hospital package.

Approximate total cost of one knee replacement surgery in India is INR 2.5 – 3.5 lakh while for both knees the approximate total knee replacement may cost you between INR 5-7 lakh, if an imported implant that cost around INR 90,000-1.25 lakh is used. The cost would be less if your surgeon replaces degenerative joint with Indian implant that is priced approximately between INR40,000-60,000.

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery for international patients

If you are an international patient, you would be spending somewhere around US$8,000 for the whole process which would be still far less than the spent for the total knee replacement in the U.S. which is of over US$45,000. While for partial knee replacement the spent in India would be approximately US$4,500. As an international patient, you should also include the cost of traveling, hotel stay, and food also in knee your replacement budget. Many clinics and medical tourism operators also provide hotel accommodation and travel packages. You can bargain for discounts with them.

Cost varies with Indian cities

In India, cost in metro cities is higher due to extra taxes levied on the implants and equipment etc. Mumbai and Chennai is deemed to be on higher side of the cost while cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad come up as low-cost knee replacement destinations. Pune offers knee replacement at 20-50% cheaper cost compared to Mumbai. But, these are very broad generalizations, to know specifics, you may discuss with us.

Cost of total knee replacement surgery in major Indian cities

The fee structure of knee replacement surgeries provided by the hospitals are in the form of a package that include the surgery and equipment cost, surgeon and other doctors fee, three to four days of hospital stay, medicines, and physiotherapist fee.

Below figures are the approximate package ranges for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) for both knees, which may vary from hospital to hospital in a city based on services.

Bangalore – INR 5-7 lakh

Chennai – INR 5-7 lakh

Delhi   – INR 3.5-5.5 lakh

Gurgaon – INR 4.5-6.5 lakh

Mumbai – INR 3.5-5.5 lakh

Hyderabad – INR 4-6 lakh

Kolkata – INR 3-5 lakh

Pune – INR 3-5 lakh

Insurance cover for  Knee Replacement India

Knee replacement though common but is an expensive surgery. Many insurance companies cover the procedure. But patients with bones degenerative disease such as arthritis and osteoporosis, will have their claims reimbursed only when the surgery happens before the “waiting period,” which is a minimum number of years specified by your insurance company. Thus, it is advisable before the procedure get clarity on reimbursement with your insurance company. The “waiting period” varies with insurance companies between two to four years.

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