orthopedic surgeons in IndiaDelhi has emerged as a preferred bones and joints healthcare destination by offering all kinds of cutting-edge joint replacement surgeries with its combination of highly trained orthopedic surgeons, availability of latest technology, expertise in patient care, and world-class infrastructure.

Cost of joint replacement surgeries (knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, etc.) in Delhi is another factor that draws patients from around the world to the city. As an overseas patient you would be paying one fifth of cost for a typical total knee replacement in Delhi than what you pay in the U.S. with the same kind of quality treatment. No wonder, every year Delhi receives large number of both international and domestic joint replacement patients. There are over 30 best-in-class  joint replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi that have well-equipped infrastructure along with the advance techniques for all types of knee, shoulder, and hip  replacement surgeries.

It is also important to note, at present Delhi has over 100 orthopedic hospitals/clinics claiming to perform the state-of-the-art joint surgeries like knee, hip or shoulder replacement but not all of these have adequate infrastructure or appropriate patient care facilities for such specialized treatments. Hence, do some good checks before you choose your orthopedic hospital for undergoing any kind of joint replacement surgery.

Based on our multilevel research on orthopedic replacement surgeries and on best joint replacement surgeons in Delhi, we see the city as a reliable and appropriate location for all types of knee, hip, shoulder and other replacement surgeries not just for people living in Delhi but foreign nationals, especially from the U.S., Middleast, Africa, and many SAARC countries.

Now, let’s know the factors that put Delhi as a reliable destination for joint replacement surgery (knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, etc.).

Specialists and highly experienced orthopedic surgeons

Delhi has many internationally acclaimed reputed orthopedic surgeons who are highly skilled and trained in performing various intricate joint replacement surgeries. Most of the orthopedic surgeons in Delhi have obtained specialization and certification from abroad. They are fairly well abreast with the latest technologies and developments. Several surgeons here have over a decade’s experience and on record operated successfully thousands of patients.

Dr. Ashok RajGopal, Dr. Biren Nadkarni, Dr. VK Sahni, Dr. J. Maheshwari, Dr. Barjinder Singh, Dr. Pankaj Walecha, Dr. Vivek Agarwal, Dr. UK Sadhoo, and Dr. Harvinder Singh to name some, are well-known names in the city and abroad for their skills in various kinds of arthroplasty and other joint replacement operations.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology

Knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, etc., joint replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi have good infrastructure, fully-equipped surgery rooms, high-end facilities, and advanced X-ray labs necessary for any kind of joint replacement surgeries to obtain better surgery outcomes. Most of the good hospitals here possess certifications and accreditation.

Hospitals such as Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Saket City Hospital, Medanta (Gurgaon), Joint & Bones Solutions, Cygnus Hospitals, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research, Apollo Spectra Hospital (Nova Specialty Hospitals), Sanjeevan Speciality Hospital etc., are among many others which have modern and advanced facilities using latest techniques.

Good patient care & rehabilitation at joint replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi

All prominent orthopedic (bone and joint) hospitals in Delhi provide modern rehabilitation centers for their patients. They have a dedicated team of physiotherapists and occupational therapist to assist you in pre- and post-operative care, which is very important for obtaining good results in all kinds of joint replacement surgeries.

Low-cost of joint replacement surgery

Especially for international patients, the low cost of knee or any other joint replacement surgery (hip, shoulder, wrist, elbow replacements etc.)  is the major driving factor towards Delhi. In the U.S. where you would pay between US$45,000 – 80,000 (without insurance) for the same procedure in joint replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi it would cost only US$7,000-11,000.

Easy commuting and lodging

Being a national capital, Delhi is well-connected by roads, railways, and air network. Metro trains are the best means to commute in the city to save time and avoid traffic jams. You will easily get buses, taxis, and autos (both prepaid and post-paid services) for commuting within the city. The city also has all kinds of lodging facilities from high-end hotels to budget hotels and rented rooms for your comfortable stay.

Delhi climate

The climate of the city is extreme both in winters (October-February) and summers (March-September). The rainy season commences in the months of June to mid-August accompanied with high humidity levels.

How to decide which is best orthopedic hospital for me in Delhi?

Choosing the right hospital and the orthopedic surgeon for the replacement surgery is a crucial decision. You have to look into so many aspects of the treatment such as quality, cost, post-surgery rehab, easy regular doctor visits after the surgery, and physiotherapy sessions which would continue for about three months.

Joint replacment hospital in DelhiJoint replacement is an expensive procedure and most of us are not in a position to take that financial challenge, especially if there is no insurance cover. Thus, our suggestion would be that, you should spend good amount of time with recommended and reliable orthopedic surgeons and then take a call. As some surgeons have special expertise in handling particular kind of replacement procedure such as minimally invasive surgeries or joint resurfacing. Some may have more experience in performing knee replacement while some are experts in hip or shoulder joint surgery. If you are having other complications such diabetes, tumor, or obesity etc., you may need a specific surgeon who can better handle your case.

Here we might be able to offer you guidance on specific situations like that if you discuss your case with us. Cost, again is a big factor and some hospitals may keep costs deliberately confusing, you may discuss and get more clarity on that too.

Free Guidance for Patients

OrthoGurus is an initiative by Global Medi Advisors. We provide Free Guidance to patients looking for treatment in India. Should you need any help, do let us know. We can assign an expert Patient Advisor to guide & recommend you the best available treatment options given your case and treatment preferences. Best wishes!