bone & joint replacemnet surgeonUndergoing a surgical treatment for your bone and joint discomforts is not an easy decision. Although knee and hip replacement surgeries are getting common day by day but there is no second view that these are sophisticated and state-of-the-art surgeries which require lot of diligence and expert hands of bone & joint replacement surgeon to perform. For a successful surgery and smooth recovery process it is essential to choose the best joint replacement surgeons in India who can better handle your medical case.

India has many highly qualified internationally acclaimed reputed orthopedic surgeons who are highly skilled and trained in performing various intricate joint replacement surgeries. They are fairly well abreast with the latest technologies and developments. Several surgeons here have over a decade’s experience and on record operated successfully thousands of patients.

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal (Gurgaon), Dr. Biren Nadkarni (Delhi), Dr. VK Sahni(Delhi), Dr. J. Maheshwari(Delhi), Dr. Ameet Pispati (Mumbai), Dr. Vikram Shah (Ahmedabad), Dr. David V Rajan (Coimbatore), Dr. Ajay Deep Singh (Mohali), Dr. Rajesh Maniar (Mumbai), Dr. Khincha HPC (Bengaluru), Dr. Subodh M Shetty (Bengaluru), Dr. Rakesh Rajput (Kolkata), Dr. Santosh Kumar (Kolkata), Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam (Chennai), and Dr. Mani Ramesh (Chennai) are among the several best orthopedic surgeons of the country who have reached to fame due to their replacement surgery skills, knowledge, experience, and success rate.

But you should also know every good orthopedic surgeon cannot be expert in all types of bone and joint replacement surgeries. Some surgeons have expertise in handling particular kind of replacement procedure such as minimally invasive surgeries or joint resurfacing. Some may have more experience in performing knee replacement while some are experts in hip or shoulder joint surgery while it may be noted, not many perform spinal surgeries.

For example, Dr. Arun L Naik (Bangaluru) and Dr. Biswajit  Dutta Baruah (Chennai) are known names for performing intricate spinal surgeries while Dr. Sanjeev Jain (Mumbai) and Dr. Lenin Chinnusamy (Chennai) have gained vast experience in performing state-of- the-art knee replacement surgeries using latest techniques.

Dr. L Tomar (Delhi) and Dr. Sanjay Pai (Bangalore) are hip replacement experts though they have also successfully performed many knee replacement surgeries.

Also, if you are having other complications such diabetes, tumor, or obesity etc., you may need a specific surgeon who can better handle your unique case.

The purpose is not to confuse but guide you in taking an informed decision. Let’s know prime criteria for selecting best joint replacement surgeons in India:

Qualification of joint replacement surgeon

It is important to know the specialization and certifications of your orthopedic surgeon as they reveal about his necessary skills and training to perform the specific bone and joint replacement treatments.

Experience of bone & joint replacement surgeon

A surgeon who regularly performs the type of replacement surgery you are looking for would better handle the procedure, including the complications, if any, and the very important recovery process.

Testimonials and success stories

These are really helpful in decision making as they develop the credibility of the replacement surgeon. The success stories would definitely boost your confidence as his future patient. Take opinion of family doctor, friends, and relatives. Do not ignore word of mouth reputation apart from online testimonials.

Hospital quality where your doctor performs the bone & joint replacement surgeries

You should always check the hospital quality where your orthopedic surgeon would perform the replacement surgery as you would be using its infrastructure, services, and staff during the whole surgical treatment process.

Comfort level during communication with bone & joint replacement surgeon

Your surgeon should answer your queries and share all the information related to your replacement surgery process. You should be also comfortable sharing medical information with him.

No malpractices

To be rest assured you should also check if the orthopedic surgeon has no record of malpractices or disciplinary action history.

Trust your instincts too in selecting best joint replacement surgeon

Last but not the least trust is a very important factor during knee, hip, shoulder, or any other joint replacement surgery. We would say, after meeting the surgeon trust your instincts, if you would like to visit him again and get your surgery done by him.

How to decide which orthopedic surgeon is best for me?

Choosing the best joint replacement surgeon for the replacement surgery is a crucial decision. Along with above given factors, you have to look into so many other aspects of the treatment such as cost, post-surgery rehab, easy regular doctor visits after the surgery, and physiotherapy sessions which would continue for about three months.

Bone & joint replacement is an expensive procedure and most of us are not in a position to take that financial challenge, especially if there is no insurance cover. Also every orthopedic surgeon’s fee structure may vary. Thus, our suggestion would be that you should spend good amount of time with recommended and reliable orthopedic surgeons and then take a call.

Free Guidance for Patients

OrthoGurus is an initiative by Global Medi Advisors. We provide Free Guidance to patients looking for treatment in India. Should you need any help, do let us know. We can assign an expert Patient Advisor to guide & recommend you the best available treatment options given your case and treatment preferences. Best wishes!